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My name is Tanya Kornienko.


I arrived to Madrid in March 2022 because of the war in Ukraine. I work remotely from Spain as a children’s book sales manager at Egmont Ukraine Publishing House, and at the same time I’m creating illustrations. I’ve been an artist for all my life, but 3 years ago during the quarantine period I started making digital art as a personal project called Tanya Kornienko Art. At first, I drew a series about cats-booklovers, portraits of friends, and people began to order drawings, portraits and T-shirts with them.

Then many illustrations appeared in connection with the situation in Ukraine, including my beautiful Mermaids-Warriors of the Black Sea series.

Three months ago I decided to create a project about women artists who inspire me. In general, I think that you should work on and draw projects that you like. So I have two book projects about kayaking in Kyiv and hiking in the Ukrainian Carpathians. And female artists project is a rethinking of a personal life path. To answer the question “Why do I do what I do?”

I am currently looking for opportunities for promoting my works, I want to exhibit them so that as many people as possible can see them and learn about Ukraine. I also make custom bags, T-shirts and mugs with my artwork.



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Cultural front: Tanya Kornienko’s first exhibition in Madrid

Tanya Kornienko is a well-known Kyiv artist whose exhibition opened on April 22, 2023 in Madrid at the Chinaski Lavapies bar. Ten full-color works are presented, three of which belong to the series “Mermaids of the Black Sea”, six are part of the series “Ukrainian Artists” and one independent painting, “Warrior of Light”, inspired by the image of Miss Universe Ukraine-2023.

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Tanya Kornienko at the opening of the exhibition next to the “Mermaids of the Black Sea” series. The portrait of the craftswoman Kateryna Bilokur is printed on the T-shirt.


This is a video report of the exhibition “Ukrainian women artists” in Dnipro, Ukraine

Tanya Kornienko. Creativity without decorations

The artist is Tatyana Kornienko. We decided to talk to the artist. We went to her Facebook page, wrote a message, she responded immediately. It turned out that Tanya had never given an interview. We are glad that “UC” is the first.

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