Halyna Sevruk

Halyna Sevruk

According to art critics, her figure is unique to Ukrainian culture, and her monumental works fascinate at first sight. Halyna Sevruk is an unsurpassed craftswoman of polyvyan ceramics, who depicted the ancient history of Ukraine and mythology in her works, forming the national spirit.

According to the artist’s recollections, a great influence on her formation as a creative personality was played by her participation in the Kyiv Club of Creative Youth, where she was friends with other sixty artists who were considered nonconformists. Also, Halyna Sevruk took an active part in the club’s events, including evenings dedicated to repressed writers, actors, and artists (Lesy Kurbas, Mykola Kulish, Vasyl Simonenko). For this activity, the artist was harassed and persecuted by the KGB.

For 20 years, her works were not accepted at any art exhibitions, as well as not exhibited in museums, and orders for placement in cultural institutions were prohibited. Some of her monumental works were destroyed.




July 27, 2023

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