Paraska Plytka- Gorycvit

Paraska Plytka- Gorycvit


Paraska was born and lived in the village of Kryvorivnia, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine. Thanks to her father, she knew several languages, in 1943 she wanted to go to Germany to enter the university, but her dream didn’t come true, so she returned to home. Paraska was helping to Ukrainian Insurgent Army and she had been arrested and sent to Siberian camps for 10 years. After her return, she lived in seclusion, as her fellow villagers shunned her, building a bright communist future. This was the impetus for her creativity, for the creation of handwritten self-made books with illustrations devoted to philosophical reflections, folk tales and legends, and several decades of the history of Kryvorivna and its people have been preserved in her photographs.




July 27, 2023

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